Dairy-free pumpkin bread: Test 2

Apparently, I've decided Mondays nights are for baking pumpkin bread. After a long Monday at work, an hour at the gym and a quick stop at the shops for fruit, I came home to make another attempt at pumpkin bread while pulling together dinner. This attempt was a flaming success thanks to the recipe supplied … Continue reading Dairy-free pumpkin bread: Test 2


Dairy-free pumpkin bread: Test 1

I've been told to try a lactose-free diet for 6 weeks and now, one week in, it's already the hardest thing I've ever done. I don't eat a lot of dairy; I don't like milk in cereal and I don't enjoy tea or coffee. Cheese and icecream are my diary vices - I don't eat … Continue reading Dairy-free pumpkin bread: Test 1